Quite a few of these were inspired from the problems/opportunities which surfaced while I was in campus and affected other students also.
I am glad that other students found these useful.


A Chrome app which creates a system wide (tor)socks proxy enabling access to Tor network.


An android application intended for NU students


A Chrome extension which fetches the information from Moodle (LMS)


A webapp which helped NU students register their project topic on first come first serve basis while taking care of topic similarity


Projects done with primary intent to learn, which have not been used by anyone else but fulfilling nonetheless

Twitter Bot: A Twitter bot built using Gooogle App Script which posts hourly updates.

Sentiment Analysis: An attempt to predict the sentiment(s) of given text data.

Stock market recommender: A Hybrid Recommendor system utilizing association rule mining and similarity matrices.

Spelling Correction: Spelling correction with minimum editing distance as parameter.

Project Beedo: A robot capable of avoiding obstacles and detecting fire simultaneously using only IR sensors.