GSoC and Kronymous

Organisation: Portable Native Client (Google Chrome).
Mentor: Ben Smith, Google, San Francisco, Bay Area.
Project: Tor was ported to NaCl platform, the compiled binary(C codebase) can be run in Chrome Browser as Chrome App which when executed, sets up tor [socks] proxy and makes it accessible system wide.

After GSoC was finished, continued working on project and published a Chrome App titled Kronymous to make ported tor binary more user accessible.
Primary users were Chromebook owners, as per webstore user count hovers around 25k.
Google has decided to phase out NaCl in favor of webassembly thus this app is not seeing much active development effort.


All of my projects listed on this website were created before my graduation i.e. July 2016

Quite a few of these were inspired from the problems/opportunities which surfaced while I was in campus and affected other students also.
I am glad that other students found these useful.
Example include: Intentio | Direct Transfer | Motify | Regtop

Also there are projects done with primary intent to learn, which have not been used by anyone else but fulfilling nonetheless thus listed here.
Examples: Twitter Bot | Sentiment Analysis | Stock market recommender | Spelling Correction | Project Beedo

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