Android Kernel

Scattered efforts to understand the working of operating system and related stuff in as much details as possible... [Click for details]

Spelling Correction

A spelling correction system(tested on english words) with minimum editing distance as parameter and comparision between various approaches (NLP)... [Click for details]

Twitter Bot

A twitter bot which posts hourly updates about event scheduled in that hour to the official twitter handle... [Click for details]

Dafny IDE

An offline integrated development environment for Dafny language ( based on notepad++)... [Click for details]

Encryption on Hadoop

A rudimentary implementation :
if multiple files then –Pack the files into sequencefile taking value as byte stream of the file and key as file name [because sequence file are splitable] and process the packed file.
If single file – Use hdfs API to open the inputstream and process the bytestream and write back the result[single file cannot be split ].
processing = [ encryption or decryption ].


A webapp which helps students register their project topic on first come first serve basis while taking care of topic similarity at the same time... [Click for details]